Nikita Sambozhuk 
Senior Advisory Consultant 

By education Nikita is a political scientist with a practical degree in legal and political theory. Nikita has worked both in private and public sectors. 

In the public sector he held a position of
senior advisor to a Labour MP in the UK.
In the private sector Nikita holds a role of senior advisory consultant specializing in quantifying regional political and financial risks associated with conducting transactions in developing democracies.
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Professional experience 
Co-founder and Strategic Consultant
Flow Projects GmbH (Germany)
in this company Nikita is in charge of financial planning and strategic development.

Since June 2022
Head of Operations
Parade Holding LLC (The USA)
Here Nikita is responsible for establishing/maintaining financial relationships between private and public entities, securing government contracts in transportation, energy and property development sectors. 

Since 2017
Private consulting and public policy research
Within this period Nikita has been assisting on implementation of new technologies within various sectors of economy and business in Ukraine, including implementation of early warning system at private and public enterprises, integration of new technologies in the field of oil waste disposal in the field of oil refining and others.

2010 - 2017
Senior Policy Advisor
UK Parliament
At this position Nikita was acting as Senior advisor to Labour MP, Chair of the All Party Ukraine Group. 

2008 - 2010
UCL MA (Class of 2010)
School of Public Policy, History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy 
UCL BA (Class of 2008)
European Social and Political Studies 
Frankfurt International School Class of 2004)
While holding voluntary position as a Member of the National Council on Anti-Corruption Policy under the President of Ukraine and a Member of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, Nikita published various articles in public magazines. Some of articles are listed below.
Curtailment of social guarantees is a trend of the modern Ukrainian state, which can lead to a social explosion
In Ukraine, the system of social protection is being systematically liquidated. We are moving further and further away from the ideal of the welfare state. In fact, it is being dismantled. Such a policy undermines the established social contract and is fraught with a social explosion.

LB.UA (In Ukrainian)
Cooperation or struggle? New trends in anti-corruption policy
Anti-corruption work is the key to reforming the country. But today this key is often used not quite for its intended purpose. The state, instead of cooperating in matters of anti-corruption policy, is increasingly adhering to a line of conduct aimed at competition. Such a vector can lead to a fiasco of all anti-corruption work.

Ukrainian Truth (in Russian)
The end of the romantic era of Ukrainian foreign policy
The election of Donald Trump as president marked more than just a change of administration in the United States. This marked the final formalization of the change in the global foreign policy trend. International politics is increasingly drifting away from an idealistic perception of the world order with its belief in global democracy and liberalism towards rational pragmatism. Ukraine should also understand this and build its policy based on new political realities. (in Russian)
On the way to purification. Results of the anti-corruption policy in 2016
Last week the report of the European Court of Auditors was published. According to his findings, Ukraine was recognized as the most corrupt country in Europe. "Despite reform efforts, Ukraine is still perceived as the most corrupt country in Europe," the report says.

LB.UA (in Russian)
Nikita was born in Chișinău, Moldova. At the age of 12 Nikita moved to Frankfurt. While going to the Frankfurt International School, Nikita played football in the regional league, participated in various schools events and traveled around Europe. That’s when interest to other political structures, cultures and countries arose.

After school Nikita was offered a spot at the Oxford University for the following year, but he decided not to loose a year and took a spot in UCL, where he later goth both Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. 

On the recommendation of professors from his university, Nikita got an offer of an internship, and then work in the British Parliament.

After that, Nikita worked in Ukraine, Russia and Germany, holding various positions and managing projects in the public and private sectors, until he made the final decision to focus on private business.

After living in the UK, Ukraine and Russia Nikita and his family decided to settle in Frankfurt, Germany, where Nikita and his wife started a private company of their own.

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